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Youth Team

The Youth Team is the driving force and vision behind the youth ministry at Lakeside. Team members meet with the youth director, and youth elders as a group on a monthly basis to give guidance, offer support, and give feedback on the ministry.  The Youth Team is passionate about helping our students navigate the "Tweens," Middle School and High School Phases.  The "Tweens" ministry is a transitional ministry between Children and Youth that is intentional about ministering to the 5th and 6th grade age group.  Our desire is to partner with parents in order to influence these phases for the glory of God. 

The Youth Team needs people who are passionate and committed to helping the youth ministry thrive.  Success in the youth ministry is defined as: Effectively Connecting, Worshiping, and Serving our God through our weekly, monthly, and yearly experiences. For more information about our youth team fill out the form below. 

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