Sermon Series


This series looks at how Jesus' radical calling to righteousness steps on all of our toes. It exposes our sin and breaks down our pride. This conviction is given through the Holy Spirit so that we might be transformed into the very image of Christ.

holy week

Palm Sunday &
Easter Sermons

faith in the dark

Where is God when evil things keep happening in our world? When my life is spinning in circles? 
What do I do when I can't see?


God's remarkable story of redemption in the life of Joseph and his family

adventure through the carols

We sing these classic Christmas carols year after year... Do you know the depth of truth that lies in each of them?

Advent 2017

the greatest stories ever told:
the parables of jesus

Jesus was a master storyteller--but He wasn't just telling stories. He was reaching for the depth of souls with the Good News. To understand the parables is to know Christ and the Kingdom of God.


Testimonies and sermons from Lakeside's foreign mission partners


The Protestant Reformation is more than a moment in history. It is a continued radical movement to keep the Holy Scripture our sole source of truth and life.


rejoice in the lord

Where does your joy come from?

In his letter to the church in Philippi, Paul shares how to find joy in any circumstance--through suffering,in prison, in life and even facing death.
True joy is only found through Jesus Christ.

What Disciples Do

As Christ made disciples, He charged us all to go out and do the same. How do we accomplish that?

Giving Up

What are the things that most burden your soul? Let go of control, superiority, enemies, lifelessness, people-pleasing and even death.
As we look towards the Cross, it's time for giving up.

Knowing God

"...but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know me..."

Coming King

Advent is a time when we celebrate the birth of the King of Kings, and we also look forward to Jesus coming again.  See how His coming leads to Christmas Joy, Peace, Hope and Love. 

Advent 2016

Gratitude Thieves

What steals your gratitude and keeps you from experiencing the fullness of life? Join as we talk about the Gratitude Thieves of nostalgia, worry, entitlement and disappointment.

7 Deadly Sins

These classic sins are still our favorite vices.  Take a new look at how The 7-- pride, envy, anger, greed, gluttony, lust and sloth-- keep you from experiencing the life God intended.  

The 5 Solas

Learn about the basic tenets of our faith and the Gospel
of Jesus Christ.
Great sermons, but please note that the audio quality is poor.