Delta Streets Academy  

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What is Delta Streets Academy? 

Delta Streets Academy is a unique ministry located in Greenwood, Mississippi. Its goal is to deliver a Christian education to junior and senior high school students from all walks of life. Delta Streets is an all-male private Christian school that primarily services at-risk youth in low-income backgrounds. The desire is to re-shape the educational opportunities for young men in the area. For many of the students, this academy has changed their lives. DSA gives students a final chance at completing their high school diplomas, while being filled with the Scriptures in a small class environment. The school is dedicated to helping those who cannot afford any other options and is fully funded by donations. For a teacher's testimony about the academy, click HERE.

Here's How We Partner With
Delta Streets Academy

Each year the youth ministry takes a week out of their summer to help run a sports camp for 5th-7th grade students during the day. We partner with First Baptist Church of Greenwood to assist in a community Vacation Bible School for 1st-4th grade children. The youth also are able to take funds collected by the Lakeside VBS with them to assist with renovations and improvements to the future Delta Streets Academy school facilities.

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